How to transform your home into a more meaningful place

How to transform your home into a more meaningful place

There is no perfect answer to styling your home or one size fits all. Many interior designers and stylists have recommendations that will help the most ordinary of us all envision a better home. I'm not an interiors expert but I believe creating a meaningful home starts within us.

Let me explain. 

Today we're surrounded by our interior walls more than ever. (Thanks to COVID 19)
We're all starting to notice things that we don't like that much or have been meaning to get rid of for ages. It's the perfect time to rethink what surrounds us and whether or not it's meaningful. 

If you're anything like me, you daydream while scrolling on IG and want to decorate your home with the best things money can buy, but sadly may not have deep pockets (especially now). 
If you have kids... well, say no more... 

Then there's the guilt you might feel for buying something that you love and 
spending money on something for yourself. With all that you do for everyone else, 
God knows you deserve it. 

But I truly believe we all need a creative outlet to express ourselves. To say "THIS IS ME!" Our home is an expression of who we are and we curate the objects of our desires to say what we stand for. To curate only meaningful objects (skip the stuff that doesn't mean anything) reinforces these values to our loved ones and those around us. Those items can be a reflection of who we are, or who we will become.

The opportunity for all of us in this crazy time, is to stand up for what matters and make life and our surroundings more meaningful. Hint, only buy what you LOVE, and what resonates with you. Something you love remains timeless . 

The act of creating artwork and collecting artwork does exactly this. My message (THIS IS ME!) is to express my eternal HOPE even in dark times, JOY in the little things and keeping things in BALANCE when all appears to go pear shaped. 

One way I'm creating this vision is by spreading this mantra through my artwork, and at minimum brightening up spirits. These artworks are visual reminders of those important things we often take for granted. 

I've created something pretty special during this times that won't break the bank based on my hand painted sell out originals. I also wanted to create something exclusive that not everybody has. Follow the link below to see a sneak peek and get the ONLY access to the special 5 day event. 

Sending HOPE, JOY, and BALANCE.

 Have a sneak peek here! >>>

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