Abstract Painting Workshops

2020 Online Covid-19 Workshops

Since we're all in quarantine there are currently no in person workshops scheduled for 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Obviously Michele ;-)

BUT that doesn't mean you can't take your skills to the next level! In fact, I say it's a perfect time to paint! Jump on the free online training I release while we are all in COVID 19 lockdown!

Being an artist is not what everybody perceives it to be. It can be hard and sometimes downright lonely. It can be so frustrating from not knowing what colour to mix, "this artwork sucks" – to "how on earth do I make money from my passion"?

It's time to put an end to not knowing and get you to the next level. Get immediate access to all of my resources for beginners or advanced artists - including the TOP 10 questions you want to know about how I sell my art! 

Let me know where you're at in your painting journey, and I'll send you the relevant information. All my 25 years of personal notes from my studio to your studio – straight to your inbox!



My Story

  • Would you believe me if I told you I absolutely HATED paint, brushes, pretty much anything to do with painting and was completely terrified of colour in the beginning? IT'S TRUE! I swore I would never paint and worked only in black in white to avoid it all costs. While in art school I couldn't even call myself an artist as imposter syndrome was deep. Obviously that all changed or you wouldn't be here. But I know what it's like to be scared of the process, tools and lacked the confidence to make great work. I'll reveal more of my story later, but more importantly, if I can overcome my fears, so can you!
  • I didn't expect to paint, ever. But the moment my Dad suddenly passed away, I turned to paint to feel closer to him. He was a hobby painter and I went to the garage to paint (making complete messes and dark work) to heal my soul. Every friday night I would pour a glass of wine, and tears would drip down into my work. It was one of the most painful events of my life. Eventually I started to heal and discovered an untapped expressive soul I yearned for. Fast forward 5 years and we are here. Good things can come from dark times.
  • I am an American born contemporary painter living in Melbourne with my husband and two children. I have a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Oregon (USA) studying foundation fine art with an emphasis on graphic design and photography.

    Prior to starting my painting practice I worked in the design industry for international giants such as Nike, Imagination, and my own boutique stationery company Cielo Blu, as well as having a freelance design practice. I'm proud to say my extensive study of art, design, and practical application allowed me to push the limits of industry captains leading the market in products I've helped produce.

    The volume and breadth of commercially successful (and failed) projects has given me insight in the current context of the art and design world. I have an deep understanding for abstracting ideas in intuitive forms, a love for minimal design, and how colour can impact one’s emotions. Most importantly I have tackled my own inner self critic and learned how to quiet her to create my best work.

  • The truth is I have reinvented myself as a fine art painter worth following, collecting and learning from. It hasn't been easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. After making lots of mistakes (I still do) I only paint work I deeply connect with and I love that people feel that connection and buy it. My approach is to not mass produce the same work over and over. I love a unique journey that goes with each one. And after creative burn out in a previous life I vowed that I would never create work that did that to me again. I can safely say, it's working! I look forward to hearing about your journey and how I can help.

    (Images courtesy of Gaelle La Berre Photography, a Melbourne based photographer)