about Michele

Michele is a Melbourne based artist

Hi, I'm Michele

I'm an American born contemporary painter living in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two kids (married an Aussie mate) ;-). I've been a creative maker since before I can remember. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Art from PNCA in Portland, Oregon (USA). Prior to starting my painting practice I worked in the design industry for international giants such as Nike, and Imagination, and my own hand screen printed stationery company. I've been very blessed to live a full creative life helping create thousands of successful products and designing for premium companies. Then fate had other plans. 

A Painter's Life

I started painting in 2014 to heal my soul after the sudden passing of my father. It was a pivotal moment and I found an expressive outlet I can't let go. I use painting to explore my life experiences using intuitive techniques combined with mixed media.

I've worked hard to merge my love for design and fine art. I truly value one-of-a-kind unique pieces of art and the pure joy of exploration and discovery. I'm prolific in my process and closely edit what goes out in the door.

Creating and collecting art is one of the best ways to express ourselves. The ultimate form of self expression. This drives me to be an abstract painter worth following and collecting.

In the Studio

Michele can often be found teaching art workshops

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Artist Statement

I'm an abstract artist documenting a closer look at self discovery, personal truths, and a connection to my authentic feelings. My work has as many contrasts in visual cues as it does in the experience of making it as an artist. The work takes form with geometric shapes, sculptural paintings, and abstract expressionism intuitively explored as non-objective art with studies in shapes, colour, and finding the new. And through that exploration they provide insight into themes related to my life experiences. They often tell me a story about where I've been or art imitating a current life experience. My work brings me joy, optimism, and hope for the future. It is my hope that these feelings are heightened and transferred for the viewer of my art. That we ultimately connect deeper as a whole through art. That we feel deeper, and we feel fulfilled by expressing those feelings by making art and collecting art. 


  • St Keven's Group Show, Melbourne 
    Canterbury Group Art Show, Melbourne
    Michele Luminato Open Studio, Melbourne
  • Solo Exhibition "Colours of the Southern Sun"  Crate Expectation, Melbourne 
  • Canterbury Group Art Show, Melbourne 
  • Peace Of Art Group Exhibition, Fenton and Fenton, Melbourne
    Camberwell Group Art Show, Melbourne  
    Solo Exhibition “Journey to the Heart” Goodness Bureau, Melbourne 
  • “Colours of Melbourne” Group Show, Waterfront Gallery, Melbourne  
    Solo Exhibition “Crossroads” Bytes Gallery, Melbourne 
    Group exhibition ArtBoy Gallery, Melbourne 
    Group exhibition Yard Furniture, Melbourne
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How to Discover Your Taste in Art & Collecting for your home

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Where do I look?

Although galleries have often been the “go to place” for quality art, social media is full of contemporary selling artists who link their work to local hashtags such as #melbourneart. You can search that hashtag to learn more about local artists in your area or a global topic such as #contemporaryart. If you like an artist, learn more about them and the inspiration behind their work. Follow them on social media to see how they evolve their work and how they sell their work. They will either sell direct and or through a stockist or gallery. Trust your gut on whether you really like their work, or whether you are just jumping on a trend that might be gone tomorrow.

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